Free heals from Caliph of Drakhiya

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ancient Anguish, the Caliph of Drakhiya is giving out fabulous artifacts of powerful healing to the first 100 players who manage to find out his real name and tell it to him!

Be sure not to miss this opportunity!

If the artifacts are well-received, this feature will become permanent.

This update was brought to you by the Wizard Council of most popular wizards (objectively measured by the number of Facebook friends who are in the Ancient Anguish group). The committee was established in response to concerns that the wizards of AA are not populistic enough, and as a result no one really has any idea of what they are up to in their ivory workroom towers.


PS. The Wizard Council’s next meeting topic will be on whether to increase mortal levels from 50 to 99 to give Bazhi something to do. 🙂


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