Limerick madness

Smiths shouts: So there’s a seal pup looking critter on named Aule…

Fir shouts:
There once was a seal pup called Aule
who was wearing a dress and a shawl
but try as he might
he still lost the fight
when clubbers were out on a prowl.

Lestat comments on this.

Fir shouts:
There once was a wiz called Lestat
who told Fir on ‘ricks, “none of that!”
she listened him not
so he reached out and got
her a Cutlass-shaped hole in her hat. (Cause he’s Law.)

LeStat shouts:
There once was a pine tree called Fir
Who caused lots of brain parts to whir
She started a joke
which earned her a poke
and caused me to ttackle her.

Mordren shouts: and.. pretty sure the gauntlet just hit the floor.. Let’s see if Fir picks it up.

Zalar shouts:
There once was a dude named Mordren
whose killing was beyond more than
and he said with a grin
as he wiped off his chin
if my sword was a whore I would film it.

Fir shouts:
There was a guy, name of Mordecai
who popped by on this spree to say hi
but know he did not
what he had just got
himself into on that first try.

Mordecai shouts:
Row, row, row your boat
gently down the streeeaaammm
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dreammmmmm

Zalar shouts:
There once was a guy named Newt
who really was quite the hoot
what he saw not
was the big blood clot
that dripped from his nose on that spot.

Mordren shouts:
There once was a fighter named Modesty
who skilled while he killed quite awesomely
his will ran out,
and Lars without doubt,
said “Again!? This dude needs a lobotomy!”

Zalar shouts:
There once was a god named Bazhi
whose heart could be quite frosty
and he boomed with sound
the whole world around
Valdrath’s my ho and it’s snazzi.

Fir shouts:
There once was a Scyther called Zalar
who knew he was going to go far
so he grabbed a boat
and brought on a goat
for snack! Let’s not get below par.

Mordren shouts: Curse you, Lestat.. I don’t have sps for this 😛

Mordecai shouts:
There one was a man who gave a hoot
So he wiped off the blood from Newt’s boot
but little did he know
that the man he had in tow
Was none other than Joran van der Sloot.

LeStat shouts:
There are also some wizards not rhyming
‘cuz the key word right here is the timing
“BunBun’s idle today,
sorry, Chronos can’t play!”
I’m sure this will cause lots of whining.

Alzarr shouts:
There once were some wizards on AA
with lots of time in their day-ay
they started a-jokin’
with limericks spoken
and sucked mortals into their competition who had limited spell points and an inability to rhyme.

Fir shouts:
There once was a guy named Alzarr
who would only rhyme with, uh, erm, rawrrr
but with enough oomph
‘n onomat-poomph
we got one more hardy-harr-harr!

LeStat shouts:
Mordecai thinks he’s a vampire…
I think he’s much closer to umpire.
Think I’ll mention that
prove my point with a bat
And afterward set him on fire.

Mordren shouts:
There once was a ficer named Smiths,
whose prepping was only four/fifths..
“please let me bash,
you keep the cash”
…but fell asleep in our first monoliths

Newt shouts:
There once was a fellow named Death
who found he was oft short of breath
says, “Come with me, Mortal one”
but without half a tongue
his whistle stops short of his teeth

Fir shouts:
There once was much hot vampire action
though rain cooled it down just a fraction
but after the blaze
the eyebrows doth raise
the Slayer bites! Fatal attraction.

Chronos shouts:
No more limericks
they interrupt my idling
try haiku for size

Mordren shouts:
There once was a mage in the kingdom
whose rings were the essence of BLING-dom
to check out the glow
on my finger it’d go
now Misha is going to “get-sum”

LeStat shouts:
There once was a wizard named Scarecrazy
who ran through the wilds all… barecrazy.
The folks gave her pants
she thanked them and danced
but they couldn’t convince her to wearcrazy.

Fir shouts:
There once was a wind from the deities
to whom poems gave the heeby-jeebies
but one stubborn tree
would set his bones free
and get Kamikaze his rhymies!

Mordecai shouts:
While we ‘pine upon these fine topics
and Chronos struggles to install Knoppix
Bunbun lies still
Kamikaze looks ill
and Mordren yearns for philanthropics

Fir shouts:
There once was a Bun-dle of joy
who’d tell you to “move it, nerd boy”
while he’d wandered out
some horrible lout
took all his alfalfa, oh noy!

Fir shouts:
Though there was some wonderful peeps
alas, I must go get my sleeps
tomorrow at noon
is coming too soon
and much work with time at me creeps. *wave*


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