Online reunion sightings

In the Ancient Anguish online reunion over an extended late February weekend, many oldbies were sighted and some went as far as to stay. For the purpose of recording live history, we will now try to enumerate through these people. Many thanks to Druenarrii and other spotters for the help!

Double canine sightings were reported of both former Law Dog Edog and Dawg, the legendary Canine-in-Chief behind so many areas and other projects on AA that we ran out of seniority levels on him.

Besides Dawg, other retired senators spotted included Zor, one of the original gods of AA, Dafeon Halfduck of the Scythe, Dale of the Knights, Leoz, and Ancient Aisha who in turn summoned Sully – and they both have stayed a while, too! Sully solemnly vows to establish an insane asylum on AA, which should be splendid for the purposes of storing people like Bazhi.

Other spotted included Lady Meister, Llanfear of Chaos, Macavity, Tintalle and Tlachtgae and Undeadguy from the Eldar guild of immortal idlers, Gustav who had actually not been out for very long, and Sweetness, who left a request for old friends to drop her email. Of notable orcs, senior creator Tueblo was sighted along with Grunthex, who still has a bit of an identity crisis as the only orc in the Eldar. Centaury of Virgision fame popped by as well, as did Menta, the official snugglemuffin of Antana.

Of famous mortals, long-time top player Zwr might be best known to all. Other sightings included Aphrodite, Stargirl, legendary bug-magnet Gyn, Lunarcee, Thoril and NcMo, who has been returning as well, Fotia, Bryghtblade, Earl Imsai, Statusquo who seems to have stuck somewhat as well.

The Finnish player base had a small reunion the same weekend, with visiting guest star Kamikaze. Musashi logged in during the online reunion, while Brother Mirv read his calendar upside down and logged in too early.

Besides the senate mailings, many other players were actively hunted down by reunionists, but we have no reports on their success: Argeld, Sannah, Gungnir, Dragonbait, Penumbra, Epenetus and Karrde. Should they spot themselves on this list, they should turn themselves in to the Gemynd Post or The Canticle.

Feather’s name being reserved due to being a ranger item started a discussion on what other people we have had who were named after items. According to Druenarrii, there has been both Cloak and Dagger, as well as Lantern, Key and Platemail, who was apparently a member of the Society of Killers. Of these characters, Cloak and Lantern still exist, while the other names have been reserved.

Everyone who logged on during the reunion period received a medal to remind them of the event, and to cherish until the 30th reunion.


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