Bazhi reaches level 50

The mountains shook and the oceans quivered as Bazhi the indestructible leader of the Scythe (demonic) reached level 50.

Was this the event that the Anasazi elders predicted after eating the wrong sort of magic mushrooms at supper?

Bazhi is the first player ever to hit the maximum level after the level cap was moved in 2005 from 19 to essentially the maximum amount of experience you can get, a bit over 2 million. This was preceded by wizard levels being moved up into 400 and above in 2003, prior to which a level 20 was an apprentice wizard, and level 23 implied totally incredible seniority. With the old standards, Scythe would probably be a wizards-only guild these days.

Bazhi was also the first non-fighter to reach full weapon skills, although probably not the first one to max out his abilities.

The Gemynd Post would like to congratulate and comfort Bazhi on fulfilling his long-standing goal. What to do after performing such a feat? He could still max his bank account, but if that proves too boring, we would like to note that at the time of this writing, the name ‘Bazhii’ is not taken yet and there are several more classes that are missing various kinds of ‘first’ achievements!


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