Contractual Offerings

As there has been some concerns about increasing crime on the less guarded streets and corners of Anguish, some have searched around for different kinds of answers. Pocketworms, careful storage of items carried and storing your money at the bank aside, a rising business responding to this issue seems to be a security service offered by an organization that calls itself something like “The Raven Protection Society”, or RaPrS (to distinguish it from Rock Paper Scissors, RPS).

We managed to find Jeanluc, a happy customer of the organization. He told us that being an artificer, he generally finds the thought of hiding his items overly laborous, as he has quite many of them. One day, after some hoodlums had stolen his pipe twice within five minutes, Salesperson Expresso, the Altruist of the RaPrS, told him of the contracting service and he joined right in.

Jeanluc told us, “When I think about security for myself and my family, I look no further than the Raven Contract of Protection. If it’s safe, its Raven.”

We also briefly interviewed Bazhi, who has been collecting an effective reputation hunting down bountied hoodlums. He has been quoted as offering Ravens a contract of protection from him. We did not quite understand the contents, but he apparently said “If I catch you I won’t go after you then”. Salesperson Expresso is known to have had expressed interest, while rubbing an uncomfortable scar. Some suspect that Bazhi’s protection may be pricey, however, and that he might have ulterior motives or even has severe loopholes in his contract formulation.

But since we do not understand what goes on here, we just report it as it is, like a regular newspaper! Do not forget that you heard it here first!


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