Tagging the door mages

Today, our brave reporters managed to stumble upon a fresh new world, and decided to tag the team of mages who look after our highly convenient dimension door service. Mage-made dimension doors allow for near-instant travel to locations that would usually take a time-consuming sailing trip, a cart ride or at least a very long walk. This, in turn, allows heroes and adventurers of all sorts to reach adventurous opportunities notably faster than by traditional means of travel.

We were rather surprised at the sheer number of dimension doors that are set up. The team of Eru and Desiree set up 13 doors, with the help of Havoc and Bazlephrat, who provided potions. In addition, Pai reports he sets up “a bunch” of magical gateways that can quickly bring people back to Tantallon from various places. Some doors are referred to as Dasha’s doors, and she estimates their number goes from 14 to 17 depending on demand. Altogether there must be well over 30 doors and gateways together!

Setting up dimension doors is not free; a high number of potions and other heals were burned during the process. A permanency and a dimension door together cost all but a quarter of two mages’ spell points, in addition to spell components and e.g. ship rental costs.

You can help your local door mage by donating nightshades, bringing them mental healing potions as they work, and saying hi to them as you see them, as they are a really friendly bunch!


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