Occupy Tantallon Harbour

Protesters have occupied Tantallon Harbour.

The participants in the movement spent a while discussing where exactly was the harbourest location of the Tantallon Harbour, but ended up camping outside the Commodities Exchange, as it was the place where the most investment trading was going on. Just to remain clear, the movement was renamed as Occupy Tantallon Harbour Access Road.

The Commodities Exchange closed during the occupation. When interviewed, Lou claimed that it was because they always do that for the night. The occupants were not convinced, however. They also claimed that Dermott stopped trying to sell ties to passing investors in the mornings due to the movement.

Tiny Huts were set up, and as the crowds got larger, Secure Shelters took their place. To extend the group’s influence, buttons were set up with slogans such as “I support Occupy Tantallon Harbour!” and “Evangelize the nation! One nation under Antana!” and “We are the 99%!” The Antana commentary caused a quick vote on whether the movement was religious. Snowmen were also raised with additional slogans.

During the rally, Impresso the Notorious Fence, Socialist of the Raven (since then he has found faith and turned into a paladin, oh and we may have changed his name too to protect the thoroughly guilty) was seen discussing whether the pipe in his possession actually belonged to Raederle, the notorious headhunter for Scythe Inc, who would be using it to maintain the occupation tents.

Some ardent occupants were pondering whether the location was altogether optimal for advancing the political cause of the movement, or whether Gemynd harbour or Nepeth would be more practical. However, after some brief echoed talks and a group vote it was decided that the movement does not have a cause, and therefore Tantallon Harbour Access Road would be as good as any place.

Also, the occupants would like to note that locking yourself into a room with Talys is scary. Many hands were raised in agreement on this (but not both hands at once, because that would be disagreeing).


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