Wizleaks: Goin’ with the Flow

Due to some illegal substances in the cake Dubanka baked to celebrate Fir’s 200d birthday, the wizard line lost its sanity once again. Posted with permission by professional journalists adept at the art of censorship. Don’t try this at home, or you may find your payment traffic at the Tantallon and Hobbitat Banks suddenly blocked!

Wiz (Claire): fir! ees mardi gras!
Wiz (Claire) crowns Fir la reine.
Wiz Fir cries her a Rhone.
Wiz Chronos: You people are in Seine.
Wiz Chronos ducks!
Wiz (Claire): woot! woot!
Wiz (Claire) waves some beads at Chronos temptingly.
Wiz Fir gets all beady-eyed.
Wiz (Claire): fir. if chronos offers you beads, JUST SAY NO.
Wiz Fir: Oh, he likes THAT sort of beads?
Wiz Newt: some Thames you just have to say no
Wiz Fir falls down laughing.
Wiz BunBun: I am reading some of the Wizline history… what in the HELL did
I come back to?
Wiz (Claire): fir. i do not know what you mean. and i don’t think i want to.
Wiz Fir: You haven’t Missisipped much.
Wiz Dubanka: These puns are just Po.
Wiz Fir: They’re as fluid as they Gange(t)s.
Wiz Fir: Hey, once you get into the flow of thin
Wiz Fir: Omg lefty fail! Gotta get these beads out.
Wiz Eivu: this is a fluid conversation.
Wiz (Claire) shakes up the champagne and sprays Eivu agreeably! Woo hoo!
Wiz Eivu: but I do my best to keep up with current events.
Wiz Fir: gs, you feel
Wiz Fir: Jangtse once again. Damn these dams!
Wiz Eivu: I’m out of my depth here. Having trouble keeping in the swim.
Wiz Dubanka: Me too. Missouri loves company.
Wiz Chronos: I’m glad I have you guys to ide me over with puns.
Wiz (Claire) claps gleefully.
Wiz Chronos: +t
Wiz Fir: This flood of punstery is totally Amazong.
Wiz Eivu: I’m just trying to go with the flow
Wiz Fir: I’m trying to work on my Ural expression here.
Wiz Eivu: this is getting damn silly…
Wiz Fir: What are the rivers in Australia called? I’m forced to make an
urinal joke soon.
Wiz Dubanka: Not to pick the easy fruit, but it sounds like Eivu is in de
Wiz Newt: Hudson’t say?
Wiz Fir falls down laughing.
Wiz Fir: That was so low-hanging fruit, Dubs!
Wiz Wong: hey ho!
Wiz Chronos vigorously wiggles his wong horizontally.
Wiz (Claire) throws the plastic baby at Wong.
Wiz Fir: Whistory, Wong! Cry me a river!
Wiz Fir: I believe you have several.
Wiz Wong: nice!
Wiz Chronos: C’mon Fir. Nobody falls for that stuff.
Wiz Wong: but i don’t understand -any- of the puns
Wiz Newt: Wong is delta tough hand, running out of ways to bend this topic.
Wiz Dubanka: Almost time to put it to bed.
Wiz Wong boggles at the concept.
Wiz Newt: before it gets universally panned
Wiz Wong: i’m clueless!
Wiz Fir throws her head back and cackles with glee!
Wiz Chronos: Poor Wong can’t withstand the puns that are streaming from the
Wiz Wong: no, i hear that i could build a dam…?
Wiz Newt: prospects are looking better. the puns are coming a bit more
Wiz (Claire): newt. ths is comic gold.
Wiz Chronos: Not really, Claire. Newt is sinking to new depths.
Wiz Dubanka: This might just be Danube-eginning.
Wiz Wong: i prefer them a bit more Lena…
Wiz Newt: I hope it doesn’t spawn a trend
Wiz Chronos: Whatever floats your boat.
Wiz Fir: Hit it with all you Volga(t)!
Wiz Newt: Ferry funny
Wiz Wong: probably not… we would run out of rivers very soon
Wiz Fir: This can get draining over time.
Wiz Wong: oh wait! we would run -dry- of them!
Wiz Dubanka: Still plenty of puns Indus topic.
Wiz Wong: ah. i get this
Wiz Chronos: Come on, wong. Feel free to dive right in.
Wiz Wong giggles merrily.
Wiz Wong dances the Ganges with Dubanka.
Wiz Fir: Yeah, I feel I Congo on forever!
Wiz Newt: canyon continue long enough for it to wind down?
Wiz Eivu: for those who don’t like puns, I’ll Xingu to sleep.
Wiz Fir: It’s not like it’s Ob ligatory to participate.
Wiz Wong: Hei He! Hei He! Hei He!
Wiz Wong wiggles his bottom.
Wiz Fir: Come on, we’ll have a Rio Grande ol’ time!
Wiz Newt: I’m basin the rest of my puns on features, I Rhone out of
Wiz Chronos sends a ping flood to Newt’s IP.
Wiz Wong: i’m udnestjranding this a lot better now
Wiz Wong smiles happily.
Wiz Eivu gives Wong a Han for that one.
Wiz Wong hops around.
Wiz Chronos: Thames the best, huh Wong?
Wiz Newt: whitewater you thinking, Chronos? we already used Thames
Wiz Chronos: But mine was more a Meuse-ing.
Wiz Fir: Murray-Darling, I found one in Aussies but it’s unusable fjord my
Wiz Eivu: yeah, that has me Green with envy
Wiz Fir: But let us not get Parana-oid.
Wiz Fir: Yellow River would have gone together great with Chronos’s office
puddle jokes.
Wiz (Claire) points to the Pee Dee and flails.
Wiz Dubanka: You’ll have to Filinis later.
Wiz Chronos: I would Neva tell jokes like that, Fir.
Wiz Fir cheers Dubanka enthusiastically.
Wiz Wong giggles merrily.
Wiz Newt: this is really Mekong me think
Wiz Fir: My jokes are much more taboo, there’s even Nigers in them sometimes.
Wiz Wong: nonono! Yukon’t use Nigers in them!
Wiz (Claire) gasps!
Wiz (Claire): oh no, you di’nt.
Wiz Wong nudges Fir.
Wiz Dubanka: Ok, that’s it, I’m Levin.
Wiz (Eivu): Madre de Dios!
Wiz Chronos: Madre de Dios, … damn you Eivu
Wiz Newt: hit a Snag, Dubs?
Wiz Fir: No, don’t go, it’ll cause a Lullingstone un the flow!
Wiz Fir: I promise Inari meant to show disrespect!
Wiz Dubanka: I Shantih-ndulge such topics.
Wiz Chronos: Clwyd you guys knock it off?
Wiz Wong: i’m creeking my tongue over that
Wiz Chronos: Don be surprised, Wong. It’s Welsh.
Wiz Fir: We could if we Vantaa-d.
Wiz Wong: how do you prhoneounce that?
Wiz Dubanka: Now you’re just babbling.
Wiz Newt: Orinoco-ronos, Coloradou come up with a better topic?
Wiz Wong: no, -you’re- brahmaputraing!
Wiz Fir: Thames’ Finnish rivers!
Wiz Chronos: That Chattahoochee Claire isn’t playing. she should join
Wiz Wong: i’m deliberately levin out dutch rivers
Wiz (Eivu) throws his head back and cackles with glee at Chronos!
Wiz (Claire) wiggles her bottom cheekily.
Wiz Wong: did someone already take the Amur joke?
Wiz Fir: I only have L’Amur for any Colorado folk. (I totally missed that
comeback. Shame.)
Wiz Dubanka: That ship has sailed.
Wiz Fir falls down laughing.
Wiz Newt: Kuskokwim again?
Wiz Wong: Guadalajara… 😦
Wiz Chronos: I can’t work Ayeyarwady in. Sad.
Wiz Fir: I shall drown my Endez sorrows in Mare Stellarum.
Wiz Newt: aw fiddle-Styx
Wiz Fir: Because the sea it actually flows into is not named.
Wiz (Claire) points at Newt amusedly.
Wiz Chronos: Yeah, but the rocks in it are Purus.
Wiz Wong: for Sure
Wiz Wong: Elbe idle for a Nile…
Wiz Chronos: Yarra idler, Wong.
Wiz Wong: Aaren’t you the idler?
Wiz Fir: I think most of our puns Vernon-offensive.
Wiz Fir: Dunadan onto others and so on and so froth.
Wiz Wong: Meuset of our puns, you said, right?
Wiz Chronos: This was fun. Gotta go to a meeting though. Hopefully these
don’t dry up and you guys can keep up the flow.
Wiz Dubanka: Anduin-vented some good ones.
Wiz Wong: did anyone log Tigris?
Wiz Wong: sorry, that was cheap πŸ™‚
Wiz Newt: I’m Euphrates not
Wiz Wong Po’s on himself.
Wiz Fir: I must Humboldt-ly accept that one Kern put just about anything on
the water table.
Wiz Fir: Oh dear, I must put the Chilterns to sleep in a bit.
Wiz LeStat: Use the big hammer.
Wiz Fir: I’ll just beat them with a Caine.
Wiz Wong giggles merrily.
Wiz Fir: Salween make a deal that I can officially Breg about this on the AA
Wiz Dubanka: Just Send them to bed.
Wiz LeStat: I just got the pun convention, I mississippied it at first.
Wiz Wong grins evilly at Lestat.
Wiz Fir: Jurua just in time!
Wiz Dubanka: We are rapidly running out of puns, I think.
Wiz Wong: Irtysj almost done
Wiz Scarecrazy: Where’s the phun in that?
Wiz Fir: We’ll just have to dig Dnieper! Wikipedia has many Pearls left to
Wiz Wong: we Kan’t stop now
Wiz Newt: I canal believe there is not a font of new puns springing up.
Wiz Dubanka: I stuck to ones I already canoe.
Wiz BunBun: I can’t even detect a common thread for these puns. Is it just
random? or is there some method to the madness?
Wiz Fir: The bards will Xingu our praises afterwards.
Wiz Fir: They’re all riverly!
Wiz Wong: no Wei!
Wiz LeStat: Just stay current.
Wiz Dubanka: Bunbun’s just fishing for attention.
Wiz Fir: It’s a bit of a smorgasbord, with Salado.
Wiz LeStat: You should quit baiting him.
Wiz BunBun: Lestat: Bank on it.
Wiz Fir: Kama, guys, can’t you see he’s Limpopo’ng along!
Wiz Wong: hahahaha
Wiz Dubanka: I consider it an insilt.
Wiz LeStat: If I don’t get some credit, I’m gonna start beaching.
Wiz Newt: Tunguska for the laughs, guys – I have to get back to work or I’ll
be fired for shore.
Wiz Wong: Sure – longest river in
Wiz Dubanka waves at Newt.
Wiz Fir: Lestat is such a Stony Tunguska when it comes to money flow.
Wiz LeStat: Watch it, they’ll sand you home early.
Wiz Wong: Luxemburg
Wiz BunBun: This conversation is rapidly bending its way into into absurdity.
Wiz Fir snorts Indigirka-ntly.
Wiz Wong whistles and kicks at nothing on the Ruhr.
Wiz Fir: Some of these are REALLY hard to Snake into sentences, I Beni trying
to get something out of them but I find there’s only so far I can
Wiz Dubanka compliments LeStat on his physique, then adds, “If you’re a
Wiz Newt: I’ll sea if I can’t think more Moraleda
Wiz Dubanka: Some just don’t wash.
Wiz Fir: Tobol or naught? I’ll strip you of your last Pecos.
Wiz Wong: Aare you Chadlenging me?
Wiz LeStat: Comped into quiescence, I weep, alone in my missouri.
Wiz Fir: I am! Into a pun Maranon!
Wiz Fir: We’ll see who can Dniester everyone else under the table!
Wiz Newt: Don’t Trent too hard, remember this is ford
everyone’s benefit
Wiz Fir: Or maybe I should Fraser that differently.
Wiz Fir: Be more Sutlej about it.
Wiz Wong: Emstarting to run shoret of them
Wiz Fir: You’ve been a real Cooper so far.
Wiz Wong: i’m starting to use more Thames to think
Wiz Fir: I suspect we’re not going to be able to last Yalong now.
Wiz LeStat: These aren’t puns, they’re more stream of
Wiz Dubanka composes a tributary to the greatness of this conversation.
Wiz Newt chortles gleefully.
Wiz Fir: A real Narmada of puns, and I’m not Liao’ing!
Wiz Dubanka: We truly reached a confluence of great
Wiz Wong casts a Dee-Dee.
Wiz Fir: Omg, I learned a new word-translation from Dubanka.
Wiz Wong: we’ve delta’d the wizline for a while πŸ˜€
Wiz Wong: Ohio, everyone!
Wiz Fir: Time to hit the Brazos-nly offensive one more time. Lomami so big,
it ain’t worth a dam to drain her. I’m just Zeya-n’.
Wiz LeStat changes his tidal to ‘pun-master jedi’.
Wiz Fir: I’d Kizil for a Green cup of Milk right now, Sankuru very much.
Wiz Scarecrazy: The wellspring of your inspiration is… dumbfounding.
Wiz Fir: Madre de Dios! Eivu’s project is Jialing me into working. Time to
burn some Liard, it’s getting so Cumberlandsome to go up the stairs.
Wiz Fir: With the help of Wikipedia, I Kwango on and on!
Newt slowly turns into a stone statue.
Wiz Fir: Your Fly is open.
Wiz Wong: pfffft, Chadter πŸ˜‰
Wiz Scarecrazy: Well, if you insist on descending into the Stygian darkness
of QC work…
Wiz Fir: You calling me a Loire?
Wiz Wong: Moselle!!
-Dubanka- a dammed Loire!
Wiz Fir: Or Esse(that just a)quibo?
-Dubanka- aw 😦
Wiz Fir: The last one is just screaming: Tagus!
Wiz Newt: It did fork in some odd places, but I think
I’m done Acheron.
Wiz Fir has just tagged Scarecrazy! Run awayyy!
Wiz Fir: If you cut holes in your monkey bread too steeply, you get such
Seversky Donets. This one’s for Claire.
Wiz Wong: our Darling Amur LD
Wiz Wong: πŸ˜€
Wiz Scarecrazy: Sorry, I’m in Lullingstone land.
Wiz Wong dances the Tagus with Claire.
Wiz Wong winks suggestively at Fir.
Wiz LeStat: I’m a bit busy IRL, sorry to keep you all wading…
Wiz Wong: you’ve been hei he?
Wiz LeStat: Haven’t you been listening to what I’m Seine?
Wiz Wong: you should bIsarry for it
Wiz Newt: my sediments exactly
Wiz LeStat: You don’t need to yellow bout it.
Wiz Fir: I’ll be cut-pasting a bit. πŸ˜€
Wiz Wong giggles merrily.
Wiz Wong: you’re going a bit Tuvar, but Nile forgive you
Wiz Newt: ‘salt okay with me, but don’t you Mojave better things to work on?
Wiz Wong sNeckars.
Wiz LeStat: It’s Amazon to me that you allow Wiki in this. Amateurs.
Wiz Wong: i’m not!
Wiz Wong Po’ts cutely.
Wiz Wong: sometimes i just love the Wisla-ine
Wiz Newt: brack East, we did things the old fashioned Wei
Wiz LeStat: I’m also from back estuary.
Wiz Dubanka: Since we already Monongahela’d the Seine, Amazon, and Nile three
times already, Wikipedia pretty much became necessary.
Wiz LeStat: πŸ™‚
Wiz Bytre got dumped into the wrong part of this conversation.
Wiz Dubanka: Feeling like a fish out of water, Bytre?
Wiz Scarecrazy: Like a riverine rabbit in the light of oncoming headlights.
Wiz Dubanka: Like you’re up the creek without a paddle?
Wiz Wong: you’d better Garonning!
Wiz Newt: just take it rill slow, you’ll find the water’s fine
Wiz Dubanka: We’ll brook you in easy.
Wiz Wong: just go with the flow!
Wiz (Claire): scarecrazy!
Wiz (Claire) throws a plastic baby at Scarecrazy helpfully.
Wiz Newt: You could do the usual and ask the players for deposits.
Wiz Wong: Dee-posits!
Wiz Newt: now you’re just babbling.
Wiz Scarecrazy: I was flooded with babypoo once already tonight.
Wiz LeStat: Running off at the mouth.
Wiz LeStat: ACK That really wasn’t supposed to follow the babypoo comment
Wiz (Claire): baby. poo.
Wiz (Claire) winces.
Wiz Wong falls on the ground, rolling and laughing for several minutes.
Wiz Wong: i think you should end with the baby poo
Wiz Scarecrazy: What? The alluvial deposits too much for you, Claire?
Wiz LeStat: Everything ends in baby poo. It’s axiomatic.
Wiz (Claire) shivers.
Wiz Scarecrazy: I thought it started there, and got worse with time!
Wiz Newt: we’re not done yet, Fir. still meandering about
Wiz Fir falls on the ground, rolling and laughing for several minutes.
Wiz Fir: Please tell me “alluvial deposits” doesn’t have to do with rivers.
Wiz Scarecrazy: Sorry, Fir.
Wiz Newt: I suppose the topic has run its course, it really is starting to
Wiz Fir: In the end, it all flows into the ocean of recorded punstery on this
Wiz Scarecrazy: I dunnow, we have yet to hear a drop of wisdom from Bytre.
Wiz (Claire): pun-offs should be a thing.
Wiz (Claire) flails.
Wiz Fir: Oh but they are! We had a toadfish contest on the Eldar line just a
week or two ago, and the uhhhh INCEPTION row I logged (the toadfish
got too rowdy).
Wiz (Claire): were there prizes?
Wiz (Claire) demands prizes.
Wiz Fir: I’m afraid they were totally prizeless. You had to be there.


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