AA 20-year anniversary event at Philadelphia, US

Quoth the senate:

Hello All,

The Senate will be sponsoring an event for our 20th AAnniversary this
coming summer.

** The site of our AAnniversary gathering will be in the United States,
just outside the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

** The tentative date for the AAnniversary is June 22nd – 24th June 29th – Jul 1st, 2012.
This will be confirmed shortly as artist contracts are signed.

** The main event would be held Saturday evening, June 23rd 30th.

UPDATE 21.2.2012: The AAnniversary now hosts its own webpage, go there for up-to-date info!

What we need from you:

Please let me know if you would tentatively be interested in attending,
and how many people you would hope to bring along so I can make decisions
accordingly. Details on official registration will be available in the
coming weeks.

Talk about the AAnniversary with your fellow players, both present and
past, to make sure they know about the upcoming event. They should be
encouraged to visit AA, as one of the event goals is to reach as much of
our player-base over the last 20 years as we can, and to get them reengaged
with the Anguish of today. We will be creating some informational packets
to detail the event, and will also do some advertising.


Philadelphia is highly accessible in the US. As part of the East Coast
megalopolis, it is located along several long interstates including the
I-95 North-South corridor and I-76 East-West. Philadelphia includes a
major international airport, PHL, and several other international airports
are very close by in Newark, New Jersey (EWR), and Baltimore, Maryland

Main Venue:

We will be gathering for events at a private apartment complex in the
western suburbs with a very nice clubhouse, as well as at specific area
venues. The main event on Saturday evening will be one of the following,
pending attendance:

Option 1 – Smaller Attendance
* Pending weather, the pool will be available
* Dinner
* Live music – Acoustic
* A local hotspot for an after-hours

Option 2 – Full Attendance
* Pending weather, the pool will be available
* Dinner
* Appetizers throughout
* Live music – Acoustic
* Live music – Premier PA Party Band
* A local hotspot for an after-hours

Other Activities:

While there is still plentiful planning to do, I can say that there will
be a myriad of activities available for both families and individuals. One
of the reasons Philadelphia is a great venue is the ability to support a
large variety of activities with the ability to entertain everyone. Your
significant other and children will be welcome, and there will be a nearly
infinite number of things for them to do regardless of whether you choose
to subject them to the Ancient Anguish community. There will be a few,
planned group activities over the course of the weekend, and there will be
information available about what singles, couples, and children can do in
and around Philadelphia.

If people considering attending dont like *any* of the following:

* Philadelphia Zoo (very family friendly)
* Philadelphia Museum of Art
* Natural History Museum (very family friendly)
* Franklin Institute (very family friendly)
* Please Touch Museum (very family friendly)
* King of Prussia Mall – one of the largest malls in the US, a
serious shopper cannot cover it in a weekend
* The Liberty Bell, Constitution Center, Independence Hall, and tons
of other US history in Center City
* Valley Forge National Park – Valley Forge encampment plus hiking,
jogging, biking, wildlife)
* Longwood Gardens – permanent flower show; youd need a car
* Hundreds of miles worth of Schuylkill River walking / hiking /
biking trails
* Large field for outdoor games from Frisbee to whatever you choose to
hurt yourself doing
* Swimming – I will try to get people means of entry to the pool here,
and it’s easy to get a hotel with one
* Sporting events
* Restaurants – if you cant find your flavor and price here, it’s
probably illegal in the US
* Coffee shops (see above)
* Nightlife – there are thousands of bars and nightclubs, several
* Gambling – Philly has casinos now; the nearby Valley Forge
Convention Center may be complete by June
* Any of the million other things on visitphilly.com –
* A hotel room with free wifi, and a break from your life

then mud should still be online for you.


In the coming weeks, I will be making lists available of area hotels and
attractions, directions from the airport and along major highways, the
scheduled entertainment, and how to register. Registration will initially
be through mudmail. More details on registration will be available


Before the question is raised, be aware that we will *not* be using any
of our current funds from previous donations.

Our donations were collected for our network connection and machine
hardware costs, so it would not be fair to use them for anything else. The
sponsored portions of the AAnniversary have been privately funded.

If you would like to donate toward offsetting the costs, please send a
donation to Ancient Anguish with the group set to AAnniversary, using the
details in help donations.

As a large city, Philadelphia has a large selection of entertainment
venues, and there will be opportunities for people to enjoy a few drinks
together if they so choose. That said, the main event will be family
friendly. Due to the legal issues surrounding events which cater alcohol,
I would rather avoid the liability for a large crowd with an open bar. We
can use local venues to support consumption and regulation of alcohol; it
is safer for all of us. There are great places in Philadelphia for us to
go to continue the party, and the main event will end at a reasonable time
for adults to go out together afterward.


You are all welcome to contact me personally with questions, or for
assistance with planning.



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by byakushin on January 22, 2012 at 11:57 am

    I created a Facebook event for this: https://www.facebook.com/events/134994573286549/


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