Wizleaks: What really goes on behind the curtains

Our bold reporters were able to get their hands on this rare and hard-earned document of what wizards really spend their time doing up on the wizard line. Our informers first chose to give the data to the most responsible of newspapers, and they chose to go run wild with it, like make excellent paper airplanes from the notes to check which claims could really fly.

Dear readers, it is time for…

WIZLEAKS: The Spy Flies.

This log is based on real events.

Wiz (Claire) shares her jelly donut with Fir.
Wiz Chronos grabs the donut mid-pass. INTERCEPTION!
Wiz Fir goes into Chronos’ dream to RE-grab the donut. INCEPTION!
Wiz Chronos chuckles madly.
Wiz Chronos lied about stealing the donut. DECEPTION!
Wiz (Claire): if you all do conception …. just … don’t do conception.
Wiz Fir organizes a wild donut party. RECEPTION!
Wiz LeStat saw it all. PERCEPTION!
Wiz Chronos has his sick kid go to Claire’s house to play. INFECTION!
Wiz Fir prevents Chronos’s plot by going some years back in time. CONTRACEPTION!
Wiz Chronos crashes Fir’s computer. EXCEPTION!
Wiz LeStat chuckles good naturedly at Chronos.
Wiz Fir points at Chronos.
Wiz Fir falls down laughing.
Wiz Chronos: Yeah. I made a geek joke.
Wiz (Claire) doesn’t get it.
Wiz (Claire) buffs her tiara contentedly.
Wiz Chronos grins mischievously.
Wiz Fir doesn’t get it either. MISCONCEPTION!
Wiz Chronos hardly noticed. IMPERCEPTION!
Wiz Fir: Well I was asking for that. πŸ˜€
Wiz Chronos snickers.
Wiz Chronos absorbs Claire’s jelly donut. INTUSSCEPTION!
Wiz Fir totally saw that coming. SUBSCEPTION!
Wiz Fir: -ception.
Wiz Fir: Looking back, I got too much to -sception. INTROSPECTION!
Wiz Chronos takes a picture of an introspective Fir. PHOTORECEPTION!
Wiz Fir strikes a pose. PROPRICEPTION!
Wiz Chronos makes a mental note of Fir’s pose. APPERCEPTION!
Wiz Fir sniffs Chronos. CHEMORECEPTION!
Wiz Chronos knows where Fir sniffed without even looking. PROPRIOCEPTION!
Wiz Fir: I already did proprioception!
Wiz Chronos: You did? I apologise for my misperception of words used.
Wiz Fir: That was the SECOND I misspelled, too.
Wiz Chronos: Yeah, I screwed up intussusception, too.
Wiz Fir: I wanted to nod approvingly at APPERCEPTION after I checked a dictionary, but couldn’t come up with a dictionary-related -ception.
Wiz Chronos: Maybe it was an audio book dictionary. PHONORECEPTION!
Wiz Fir: We’re digging DEEP now.
Wiz Chronos: Oh, I know. πŸ˜€
Wiz Chronos: I should be getting back to work. On the other hand, I could rebel. INSURRECTION!
Wiz Fir: Oh, this sets us totally free! APPRECIATION!

No names of the innocents have been molested during the making of this log.

(This log has been captured with the blackmailed permission of all involved, but don’t tell anyone, since it would make it seem less cool and dramatic.)


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by byakushin on December 7, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    The scary thing about this was that when I went to WikiLeaks to see if I could mangle some slogan of theirs for the story, I found this on the front page:

    “Wikileaks: The Spy Files

    Mass interception of entire populations is not only a reality, it is a secret new industry spanning 25 countries (…)”


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