Challenge results!

Curses, foiled again!

Bytre posted the results of Halloween 2011 trick or treating, and it turns out that:

Bazlephrat got the most treats, visiting 301 people,
Otter came second with 273,
Calandryll third with 187,
Pitfall fourth with 123, and
Dasha hit a round 100.

Most of the popular treatees were prominent Tantallon and Nepeth locals. Who was the weirdest thing you managed to get candy from? (With Otter, I accidentally managed to trick-or-treat the trolloc squad before they realized they were supposed to be doing something completely different!)

Until next year! I will beat you yet!

PS. The next event-y thing to expect involves a tree, presents and a lot of ho-ho-hoing. So it’s not really so different from this, is it?


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