Collector’s Corner

(It has been a while since the last post – I’ve mostly been reporting my activities on the bug board, which do not make for horribly fascinating narratives.)

Welcome to the Collector’s Corner, by Jalava the startup artificer!

Today, we study a flower with a deeply fascinating name: hellebore. Far from being uninteresting, this black flower (the specific variant preferred by artificers) is famous for its alleged connections with demon summons, poisons and curing kings from madness.

So far, I have been unable to restore the sanity of any local royals, however – for some reason, their guards and personal physicians seem suspicious of my proposals. I have no idea why!

In other news: Halloween is upon Ancient Anguish. Beware of morbid forest wildunlife!

Do Anchients dream of mechanic sheep? Find out in the next instalment of Collector’s Corner!


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