Grail House estate: a steal

On Stormmonth 621, Lattex the legendary champion (name changed) bought Grail House in Nepeth for less than 1.5M coins, a steal much more successful than the one he had recently gotten bountied for.

It has been suspected that the new owner has questionable connections that allowed him to acquire the house at less than half of the general going price for houses. We were unable to reach him or any questionable connections for comment on this, however.

Instead, we asked around the locals if they were worried about the direction their neighbourhood was going. Bazhi, the unstoppable massacrator of the Scythe (owner of Ivory Tower thanks to a private buy from Budha of the Black Bear) did not admit to being worried about the development. He told us he considered running into trouble with the new resident altogether unlikely, all the while absent-mindedly picking stray bits of fused Bearmoment (name changed) slag from his elemental orb.

Lattex, on the other hand, has not been seen outside his house much. Grand master spellbinder Koopa runs a reasonably successful pizza delivery service specializing on home deliveries to bountied criminals; he complained to us that Lattex has neglected to pay full fare to his pizza delivery guys.

Despite the one-sidedly suspicious image created about Lattex by some irresponsible representatives of the press, he has made a constructive effort to improve his living conditions as well. In a recent post, he suggested donators be able to log in in their houses, humbly noting: “I ask this not just as a craven, bountied, respite-seeking thief, but also for the welfare of all.” We will stay posted (on his lawn) to see how the suggestion is received by high-ranking wizards.


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