Scandal at Geographic Society!

This just in:

Due to a vicious and elaborate Scythe plot, Prince Levek of the Black Bear has been tricked into claiming an already-discovered room.

We interviewed Dion, the elder cartographer, who was naturally quite upset. “In all our years together, and millions of discoveries shared, I have not seen anything like this.”

Rumour has it that the trap was laid in a dark room, and that Mordren, the irreverent desecrator of all Geographic rivals of the Scythe, was the mastermind behind the vile plan.

The Scythe is not without its internal strife either, however. On Evensend 16, 621, Cogline and Stellar competed viciously for the honour of getting to hold the most claims and discoveries until Levek’s weekend starts. On nearing 500 claims, Cogline complained his busted lungs and kidneys were giving out and resorted to potions, while Stellar muttered something about cleric spell points and countered with the questionable strategy of actually finding out what rooms give double credit. (Evil tongues gossip that he might have also been as cowardly as to use some medicinals beyond all the raw meat, too.)

In other news, Otter claimed honorary mention for finding her way out of Fub’s fortress without external help. She maintains she was actually eliminated from the competition by Bazlephrat’s aptly-placed flag earlier, and that having no sense of direction has absolutely nothing to do with anything.


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