Old Education Abolished

As posted on the Senate board by Jerusulum in 2010:

The Immortal realm has changed its process for advancement from level 400 to
level 500.

Education was created in a time when we had many new wizards arriving each
month, all needing special attention and due care. The Education domain was
added to take the workload off our QC/Balance/Mudlib folks who ended up
training in addition to their normal work. Our numbers no longer require
this additional overhead/red tape. The immortals currently active are more
than capable of helping new apprentices through their world.info, initial
coding, and introduction to immortal life. Consequently, we (the Senate)
have voted to remove the Education domain and move forward with a community-
building effort where everyone takes responsibility for our new fledgling
apprentices. We all have a responsibility to foster growth and skills in our

However, we still need our Apprentices to meet goals and prove they know
enough about coding and our immortal life, including our approval process, so
we have decided to create a New Path to level 500:
Write a world.info and get world to approve it.
Code some.
Find a Senator or Arch to presponsor you.
Find a sponsor to sponsor you.
Any wizard can help you and explain things to you.

Note that this does not require a formal code-review of a 9 room/3 npc +
objects part of the apprentice’s world.info. It requires everyone to take
some time and help apprentices, and review their code and point out common
errors, like European English s/color/colour and write needs \n and writef no
\n, and code should be indented properly. It requires a Senator or Arch to
peer at the apprentice’s code, and talk with them to determine if they know
enough to survive as a wizard and submit their project.

A side-consequence of this is that there will be no more Arch of Education.
Thank you, Katarina, for realizing this is for the benefit of our community,
and stepping down. We appreciate your time and efforts.

We are all part of the story…


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