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From the obsessions department

As noted in passing in an earlier post, Bazhi was noted down in living history as the first non-fighter to complete his weapon skills, also known as the big 1700. Soon after, according to the fighter board, Errinnan made the first elf fighter to perform the same feat. Jodi soon followed suit, as the first elf fightress – and possibly first female to reach the top. Sio posted that she had popped the cherry of the female half-elf category, in turn.

Much celebration ensued, along with calls to install more epic weapon skill lists into the fighter hall, e.g. for all the different classes. (The latter caused some suspicion over other classes taking over bragging space in the fighter hall – but then again, different races and genders should probably not be too suspect.)

From the leather outfits department

To ensure regular and uninterrupted service, Violated the wandering vagrant has recently married herself a personal Violator, of the Scythe. Our department of inappropriate jingles would like to pay their respects to this new couple with a brief song:

and molestations
When we tell them all that you’re in love with him
and violations
It lets our readers know you’re kinky as can be.


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