Moral ambiguity

I was trying to press Constable Picckard on his recent complaints of a new group of bandits, operating on a questionable premise of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. He was not very helpful on the matter, so I had to turn to more seedy information sources.

After performing various morally ambiguous acts, I managed to get in contact with this morally ambiguous group. Whatever illusions I might have had of them providing flashy material for depiction as a roguish band of merry men in an alternate newspaper, they were crushed when I got a few steps into the lair. These people were not a band of merry men: they were dirty, poor, not particularly merry, and it is questionable if they even form a band.

Afterwards, I found myself wandering into the poor people’s district in Nepeth – or outside it, as the nobility would probably prefer to have it. The faces I saw there were not that different from those of the people of M’bae. For a moment, I pondered not holding on quite so tightly to my money purse. Maybe it would go to a good cause, in the end?


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