Guild and other social news

In case you missed it while the reporters were out 2009-2011:
– Eldar got a trash disposal command.
– Maker is now Frosty GM.
– Bear guild commands were updated.
– Knight titles were updated.
– The Courts of Chaos got slightly extended.

The envious Monk GM pipes in that there is a minor polish project #1 in the approval queue for the temple. As for Scythe, Bazhi made 1700 as maybe the first cleric, and his title keeps getting updated. 😉

While not really a guild, the newbie line now has death notifications for newbies.

In related news, Nepeth housing areas were released a while ago. The Dalair slums extension was reported recently. Some additional items now support installation into player houses.

(The update reports will not bring up bugfixes separately, unless the bug is considered a well-known general pain in the backside.)


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