A Letter From A Concerned Raeder(le)

Dear editors,

I believe the Canticle Gemynd Post should do an in-depth inquiry into a matter of grave concern to me. It is the matter of the Curse of the Dark Stranger.

For a while now I have noticed that if you should talk to one in a bar or inn of some sort, you will always leave there with an innocently looking map of some sort, rumoured to lead you to fabulous treasure.

Following the instructions on the map, you may successfully discover a hidden temple, or beauteous grove of some sort, and yes, invariably there is some sort of treasure chest in the spot maked by X, but…

When you *open* the chest… you always find another piece of paper inside, telling you that this was not, indeed X, but Y, and that you will find X somewhere else.

I believe I have enough evidence of this phenomenon to call this, truly, a Cursed business. It drives one on, and on, and on… ever to search for the elusive treasure, never finding it. In fact; I believe searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is more rewarding. It can drive one to ruin and madness, and sleepless nights!

Many an adventurer I have found upon the road, staring with feverish eyes, muttering ‘Just one more map, then I’ll stop’. Clearly sleep-deprived in the worst degree!

And then there is the dangers one should not overlook! I have heard of many an adventurer who returned from such a hunt, severely poisoned. Indeed, now that I think about it, I have to mention something else of grave concern! I have heard of newbies lured into this Curse unwittingly, and being charmed so by a Satyr that they lost all self-will!

Concerned parents should take note! if their children suddenly stare listlessly into the air, muttering words of love, they must know!

Of course, if they are responsive, but respond to everything with ‘I just don’t feel like doing that’, then it is more likely that they’ve found a secret stash of greenleaf. It should be reported to the authorities immediately.

I have heard about the outcry in Nepeth regarding whiteleaf addiction, but really. I do feel that greenleaf is a much more dangerous drug to our youth.

Concerned Raederle

The Gemynd Post responds:

Dear Concerned Raederle,

Prompted by your astute letter, our brave reporters have indeed confirmed the existence of this curse! We will report more on it just as soon as we are finished with this one last map…


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