Dalair slums extended

Real estate news: The value of real estate in Dalair has dropped to an all-time low as the accessible slums extend to multiple new houses. This extension took place after a huge heap of garbage got moved from one place to another to allow some access into the area.

One of the houses, dubbed Da Pigsti, has already drawn attention in the nearby Scythe camp, where guild members are rumoured to work on a fundraiser (and possible blackmail campaign to discourage other bidders) to buy the house for Calvin “piggy! piggy! piggy!” of Scythe. And indeed, soon after the not-exactly-glorious opening of the area, Scythe had already laid claim on the area in no unclear terms, by piling lots of rocks into a pile and putting a banner on top of them.

Update: Bloodax House, in the slums, is now up for sale. It is 4 rooms in one level, and guaranteed to be in an… eccentric neighbourhood. Right across a wandering drunkard and next to a huge mountain of refuse, this offering can be best described as aromatic.

Arts appendix: The society of Ice-sculptors Against Monopolized Ratings In Competition Halls (IAMRICH) has announced a call for new brilliant ice sculptures to be submitted at the Snowfolk Gallery. The society notes that the current best sculpture has been best for at least several months now, and it is time to come up with new things.

Foreign local news: Foreign local man Calandryll finds out that ice sculptures actually melt when taken somewhere warm.


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  1. […] in related news, it seems we did not report Nepeth housing areas being installed earlier. The Dalair slums extension was reported a while […]


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