Byakushin’s journal

Dear diary,

Today, I was hired as juvenile labour by WhiteKnight to harvest materials for some kind of manufacturing project. This was great, since the Commodities Exchange was closed and I was flat broke. (And at the wages he was paying, I would have been ready to go kiss a hill giant.)

I joined a guild called the Snowfolk and got myself some necessities in the life of an adventurer – membership at the Geographic Society, a gaming slate for participating in flaghunts, and a new, fancy hairdo.

Well okay, maybe the hairdo was not strictly necessary, but it was all a part of establishing my identity as the Crimson Adventurer. As a downside, my newfound guild patron saw fit to dub me “Byakushin the patch of yellow snow”. He said it would take me two levels to become a snowflake. I painstakingly avoided telling him to shove it, since I expect he could have worse titles in store for disrespectful members.

I also tried to interview Lorius the guide, since he is a great role model for us adventurers. He was somewhat tight-lipped about his personal history, however, preferring instead to discuss his current endeavours. Those would seem to involve guiding lost newbies home and suggesting them areas to explore. (He sent me to go visit the kids at the orphanage. It does not sound very adventurous, but I guess I will give it a try.) He did name two new idols for me to follow: Gaius and Hanza, both of whom he estimated have seen even more of the world than he has. I will have to seek these people out.


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