Byakushin’s journal – day 2

Dear diary,

Today, I decided to get working to rid myself of the stigma of nasty low-level titles. Full of motivation, I stomped into the small park to harrass some suitably petite wildlife.

A few hits into my fierce combat with a dray of four squirrels, I realized something was not quite right.

I went to see Willim, and he gave me some armour and a weapon to wield. It was a strange thing with a pouch, and I had to go consult Zhou on how to use it in order to not hurt myself. Luckily, with my wages from earlier adventures, I could easily cover his training fees.

So I got to work. At some point I noticed that some of the creatures were hauling around javelins or darts, and have ever since pondered what on earth squirrels and snakes might need darts for. I suspect it is a conspiracy of the first degree. While we’re not looking, squirrels gather for a game of darts in the small park. Look carefully, and you will find scoreboards carved into the trees!

Update a few hours after: Calandryll found a hurlbat-wielding sparrow at the Poets’ Board. IT IS A CONSPIRACY, I TELL YOU!


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