News at six – stuff that matters

Local news:

A handsome young man was seen walking on Falcon Avenue.

Mayor Arica received a visiting celebrity with a “I am very busy. Do you need help with anything?”

The news team sampled a pomegranate and a guava, and noted that these are clearly fruit from Infidian. “I haven’t tasted anything this weird since I visited the Scythe Games area!”

Foreign news:

Constable Picckard of Neville has sent us a reader’s letter complaining about a new ring of thieving bandits who falsely claim to help the poor and needy. The bandits were unavailable for comment.

We have it on a reliable anonymous source (the Papergoblin, actually), that Dubanka and Misha have spent an enjoyable weekend together at Ray’s sheep farm in the northern parts of Anguish. Baaaa-Baaaaaaah!

(Update 14 Fearmonth 620 / 2 Jun 2011: Dubanka would like to point out that the happenings on the farm were strictly consensual.)

In a recent bout of eavesdropping, Bazhi was heard saying “Nah, I think level 47 is enough. Who needs more exp? Maybe I’ll wiz instead.”

Luthien has the highest-rated ice sculpture of the Snowfolk. It’s an artsy piece that we do not expect our readership to really “get”, so we welcome you to study the “Mischievous Otter” by Beware instead. The tour can be accessed at the price of your undying soul (plus a suitable class and lack of SK membership) at the Snowfolk igloo.

Coming up soon:

Who is this Piggy and why are the Scythers always calling for him so vigorously? Find out by asking one!


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