Hey, those aren’t kinder eggs!

Real Estate Appendix:

Honest Andy has let us know that the Emerald House in Thranarack is now up for sale. Emerald House is a 5-room residence with a downstairs below ground level, exactly the way dwarf architects like to have it. The house is located on Gold Street, which is considered the “better side” of the dwarven village. Dranul’s Granite Mansion is right across the street, with Araki’s Bedrock Place further down the road and Reed’s Stonecrest Manor on the east side, so the neighbourhood is not bad. The downstairs rooms are also perfect for setting up a quiet study, a headquarters for shady operations, or a storage room for untold horrors.

Honest Andy will accept bids for the property for a “very long time”. The minimum bid is 500 000. The bidding for houses is blind, highest bid wins and pays the price of the second-highest bid plus one coin.

Update 8 Moonset 620: The house has been sold to Cogline, for the unparseable price of 3 333 334 gold coins.

Coming up soon:

In Science News, Mani reports that his research has found one of the secrets to scorpions’ fame, but he is hiding his results until further testing. Our news team is on his artificial tail!

…or not:

Update: Principal Investigator Mani has concluded that the science of constructs is far too varied and uncontrollable to be tested. He will now be looking for research funding on how to breed chinchillas with elves in order to produce Furbies.


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  1. Actually, I will be having some tests done, just not as extensively.


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