Focused skills

Kamikaze of Balance has cautioned that some people with inherent focus in various weapon skills may experience hereditary issues as a result. The best clerics in the realm are studying a cure for this.

The adventurer board and bug boards have further information.

New Arch of Balance

Bytre has retired from the position of Arch of Balance. He has led the Balance team for over two years – no small feat, as he was simultaneously serving as Arch of Mudlib, Minister of Infrastructure, and Minister of Treasure, posts he continues to hold. We are grateful to him for his past and ongoing work.

Kamikaze has been appointed to take Bytre’s place as Arch of Balance. He brings with him many years of experience both as a player and a wizard. Kamikaze joined the wizard community in 2007 and was promoted to Creator status in 2011 following the installaton of his Hasashiyyini Compound. He is also an active member of both the QC and Balance teams, has helped with assorted fixes, and was recently appointed GM of the Scythe Guild after serving as an assistant GM for three years.

His experience, game knowledge, and dedication to Ancient Anguish are a valuable addition to both the Senate and the role of Balance Arch.

Virgision village

Hazelwood reports (after a few beers):

“I was heading back towards Tantallon one day and picked up a right
jumpy-looking fellow, who ran to the boat just as I was taking off. He
said he had just come from a village of rather angry women, who
he had to use all his charm and quick wits to keep from sticking
him full of holes.

I asked him if it was Virgision warriors he was talking about, and he
said no, isn’t that castle a little ways away from there? He’d know
to stay away from THAT place, after all.

It seems the warning might have to be applied to this village as well.”

Town hall meeting 18 Dec 7 EST

Hello, people of AA!

Let’s chat later this month about this game we all enjoy. Please mark your
calendars now and join me for a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, Dec 18th at
7pm EST (midnight UTC/GMT). I would in particular like to hear your ideas
and concerns about things like new player recruitment, retention, luring
old players back, events / competitions you’d find interesting,
advertising AA, and that sort of thing.

We are all members of this community and I believe we all have things to
offer to help grow and continue the game, from sharing clever ideas to
actively taking part in recruiting new players or organizing fun events for
each other.

There is no meeting time that works for all people, so if you are unable
to attend, you can ask someone to speak on your behalf or send your thoughts
to me ahead of time. (Or after the meeting, if it’s stuff that pops into
your head while skimming the logs.)

If you have an aversion to the in-game mailing system, you can send email
to luthien at or post on the suggestion board.

Be seeing you!
Minister of PR

Kamikaze Scythe GM

Quoth the Luthien:

The Senate has promoted Kamikaze to Scythe GM, replacing Dafeon, who served
in that position for many years and is now fully retired from it. Kamikaze
has worked as assistant GM under Dafeon for the last 3 years, and has the
full support of your former GM in making this transition.

Please join me in congratulating Kamikaze on his new position and thanking
Dafeon for his past service for the Scythe guild!

Triumph Over Turkeys

The turkey hunt has ended!

47 players participated in the hunt, picking off the birds one at a time as they fluttered around the world. Near the end of the reboot, the standings were:

1) Levek, 137 turkeys killed
2) Winter, 99
3) Everything, 49
4) Arrikhan, 33
5) Alibi, 29
6) Dahlia, 23
7) Dreamweaver, 21
8) Whitehand, 19
9) Morghan, 17
10) Orifice, 16

The slaughter of these 443 birds was not unnoticed, and as Armageddon foretold the end of the world, there was a sudden invasion on a much larger scale. A fowl angry flock swept over the land, their leaders hidden among them. You, our players, stood your ground and bravely turned these terrible turkeys into palatable poultry by the dozens!

By the end of the reboot, turkeys had been killed in shocking numbers, leaving the post-invasion standings at:

1) Eco, 377 turkeys killed
2) Levek, 293
3) Arrikhan, 209
4) Arachnid, 147
5) Neff, 136
6) Everything, 128
7) Orifice, 126
8) Dahlia, 112
9) Winter, 99
10) Raederle, 82

And those leaders hidden in the flock? Arachnid killed two of them. Everything chased down and killed another.

Unfortunately, one escaped the carnage and was still alive at the end of the reboot. My sources inform me he is on his way back to… wherever turkeys come from, bringing with him knowledge of our land and defences, and will spend the months ahead training new hatchlings for the next invasion.

You have been warned.

Er… I mean, Happy Thanksgiving!

PS, in my initial post-reboot shout, I indicated 48 players had participated in the hunt. On closer review of the battle, it seems this was not correct. The 48th hunter was… a turkey. Any information about the courageous actions of this bird, who fought on our behalf today, is appreciated.

Turkey Hunt during Thanksgiving Reboot

A soft gobbling sound in the distance is growing louder; this can mean only one thing – the world is poised to once again be invaded by pesky yet delicious turkeys!

We have a few days’ advance notice, so begin your holiday planning now. What weapon(s) will you use to defend the land against the feathered menace? Will you eat all the yummy meat yourself or share with your friends and neighbours? Is there any truth to the rumour that the vicious leader of the invasion, under guise of a normal average turkey, will lead the final charge itself?

And who among you will kill the most of these creatures and forever be remembered as the most glorious and celebrated hunter of turkeys? (until next year)

[For many timezones, the Thanksgiving reboot will begin sometime Wednesday and end 49ish hours later on Friday. Your days may vary if you live somewhere upside down or on distant Infidian. Please use the ‘time’ command to estimate your local times of reboots.]


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