Turkey Hunt during Thanksgiving Reboot

A soft gobbling sound in the distance is growing louder; this can mean only one thing – the world is poised to once again be invaded by pesky yet delicious turkeys!

We have a few days’ advance notice, so begin your holiday planning now. What weapon(s) will you use to defend the land against the feathered menace? Will you eat all the yummy meat yourself or share with your friends and neighbours? Is there any truth to the rumour that the vicious leader of the invasion, under guise of a normal average turkey, will lead the final charge itself?

And who among you will kill the most of these creatures and forever be remembered as the most glorious and celebrated hunter of turkeys? (until next year)

[For many timezones, the Thanksgiving reboot will begin sometime Wednesday and end 49ish hours later on Friday. Your days may vary if you live somewhere upside down or on distant Infidian. Please use the 'time' command to estimate your local times of reboots.]

New Minister of Public Relations

Anguishmen and Anguishwomen,

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Luthien as the first
Minister of Public Relations of Ancient Anguish. This is a position we
created this year, and we have chosen Luthien after much deliberation.

The Minister of Public Relations will be the official public voice of Ancient
Anguish. In this role, she will communicate on Facebook, Google+, and
Twitter, own and publish new entries for AA on mud lists and gaming forums,
update content for the Ancient Anguish website, find new ways of reaching new
players and old, oversee the Canticle / Gemynd Post, organize exciting
activities for the playerbase, and more.

She will be a significant liaison between mortal players and the Senate, so
feel free to reach out to her directly with your ideas and concerns. Please
support her in her endeavours as she establishes this new and important role
in the Ancient Anguish administration.

Bytre, on behalf of the Senate

Halloween Hunt and Treat results

Brave Luthien reports:

The creepy creatures who have ravaged the lands in years past were
reportedly less common this year, presenting a bit of a challenge for
our brave slayers, but delighting rangers, ficers, and other people with
a fondness for the corpses of local fauna.

37 players participated in the hunt, with a total kill count of 290.

Of those, the top three hunters were:
* Spoo, 92 kills
* Dillinger, 61
* Pandora, 29

While rumours of undeads roaming the countryside did not lead to a
travel warning, the Ancient Anguish Tourism Council appreciates the
efforts of all who took part in the removal of these unsightly

ps, more hunting in a few weeks! turkey carcasses, mmm…

Sweet-toothed Bytre adds:

There was extensive trick-or-treating this year. A total of 816 different
humanoid creatures handed out candy, far more than in previous years. Arch
wizard Bytre was “flabbergasted” that this many treat-giving creatures were
actually in Ancient Anguish!

The top three trick or treaters:

Spoo, who collected 598 pieces of candy
Mbebe, who collecxted 561 candies
Pandora, with a count of 475
Plus runners up Starry (228) and Darksaber (110), who both got more than 100.

Until next year… Happy Halloween!

Scythe Clan Hut Library

Early this morning Artificer representatives walked over from the Artificer
Hall to the Dalairi Embassy and informed the Scythe Interest Section that
the library at the Scythe Clan Hut has been added to their list of
officially sanctioned libraries.

The Scythe pointed out that individual artificers would still need an
invitation and threatened to burn all the books if overrun.

The Halloween Hunt

Because hunting for witches is like totally last week, we are instituting
a “hug a ranger, kiss a ficer, kill an undead” rule for Halloween!

Find all things that look weird to you and kill them to check that they
are not monsters who have turned into even more monstrous monstrosities
due to the evil powers that haunt the realm during the Dark Ages around
this part of the year.

Those who have promptly dispatched with the most ghastlinesses at the end
of the period will be proudly displayed on boards and Gemynd Post, and
bought at least one beer by happy rangers.

Chaos in the ranks

Once upon a time there were some evil spellcasters who decided to get together and rule the world, only because rules sucked, they just made up their own.

Then they noticed that some of them were not actually spellcasters either, so they gave up on personal comfort and decided it was enough to be chaotic. But fighters, they said, fighters cannot join.

“Why?” said the fighters. “Because!” answered Chaos, in its anti-typical fashion. Then time passed, and many rituals were had, and it was seen that there can be no getting too used to things.

One day a fighter snuck in, dressed up like someone who is not in fact a fighter, and dragging with him a particularly angry-looking dingo. It was expected that he would fit in just fine, even though or especially because it turned out his dingo was actually stolen. By someone else. And the way it smelled, it might as well have been undead. It was a magical moment, all in all.

It takes an extraordinary kind, you see.

Personal goals tracking report

Maigyn has been having unusual visitors lately. Recently she was heard
claiming she has found something to sell to people who advance unique
goals in their life.

She claims she may be interested in further development of the idea
based on early adopter feedback.

So far active trackers have been caught reporting for example the number of times they have been distracted, purges given, treasure maps, nightshades used, failed wand enchantments and cats.

The highest proficiency observed so far is the 12.345 snickers counted by Brain, indicating that the ability has been received with all the brooding seriousness it was intended to invoke! The happy author proudly reports having tinkered 21 trinkets after she started counting.


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