Run, Bunny Run

The Easter’s “Run, Bunny Run” event is over! The irrefutable winner is
Precision, who was active through all of the population peaks and
invented the concept of bunny ranches. He was generally making surgical
butterfly axe demolition strikes that left only smouldering craters
behind. Levek came second and Baichu third! In the end, the rampant
bunny populations were subdued but not altogether defeated.

1. Precision: 894
2. Levek: 237
3. Baichu: 117
4. Pumita: 103
5. Yamm: 59
6. Brick: 46
7. Dreamweaver: 21
8. Pulverizer: 11
9. Raederle: 7
10. Spoo, Emeritus: 6

Some Easter highlights:

Emeritus decided to spread the holiday cheer and populated the Tantallon
crossroads with skeletal and mummified bunnies. (Log in Otter’s blog,
which also has the backstory of where all the bunnies came from.)

Otter (98, excluded from list due to being an overpowered organizer)
joined forces with Precision to clear up the arctic areas of a mad
lepine infestation, and still has nightmares of bunnies that go “OMG

Lizard guard, sergeant and mage killed altogether 22 bunnies (the Issla
do not believe in Easter bunnies), and Student studiously stopped one.
One brave bunny (descendant of the rare breed of bandanna-wearing desert
bunnies) hid in the thraxi hyf and according to tale lived there
happily ever after until the end of Easter, chatting up the high guards.

There were a handful Easter Egg hunts as well, all of which were won by
someone! At least Levek, Brick, Pandora, Precision and Otter went on mad
egg-hoarding sprees.

Necromancer update

Necromancer undead have been updated. Necromancers are now able to
affect the tone of voice and behaviour of their undead companions
by changing the things they give them to carry.

For example making the undead carry flowers will make it act more
compassionate, such as intoning “HUGS AND CUDDLES FOR MY MISTRESS”.
Making the undead carry too much alcohol will make it miss more.

There are various item combinations that will make your undead
more powerful in various ways, but we will not reveal what they are.
As a first hint, though: to make the undead last longer, you can
for example give a skeleton a bone or a mummy some bandages to carry.

Happy exploring,


Dymwood Gnomes

Fellow explorers, have you ever found yourself in the depths of Dymwood
in need of rest but with no safe place to take it?

I recently stumbled upon some gnomes in the region who, while not
enthusiastic about it, offered to share their shelter with me. They
even provided some entertainment!

I was too busy scarfing their dinner to listen to why they were there,
but it looked like they planned to stay for a while.

Sorry I haven’t the time to write more. It seems something I ate didn’t
agree with me.

EuropAA 2014 aims for June/July, West Coast for 2015

The meet of AA players in Europe (EuropAA) is being planned for this summer again, this time the target times are June/July.

Brain is organizing a West Coast AA meet for the summer of 2015, and asks for the following:

In a year (Summer 2015), I really want this US West Coast convention to
happen and I want to make an appropriate event here. I need to set up a date
fer this to happen. If you were coming, how many days do you want to be in
Seattle during the summer? (It might rain, but not so much around
June/July/August.) Feel free to add options as you see fit.

Any three day weekend starting with Friday.

A four day weekend starting with Friday, ending with Monday.

A five day weekend (we can figure it out later)

A week?!?

Thanks, and I hope you consider showing up!

Ranger canines and a promotion

Rangers are now able to tame other various new animals related to wolves
and dogs. The canine companions’ colouring has also undergone expansion,
which has led to a rush to experimentally find the finest fancy furcoat
as a finishing famed feature for one’s fabulously fawnable female fox.

In other news, wizard Mordecai has been promoted to Creator! Congratulations!

Senate announcement: Ministers, arch change

Players and Wizards of Ancient Anguish,

The Senate is pleased to announce some changes to the rules governing
the administration. “help wizrules” has been updated, with these highlights:

- A new administrative position of Minister has been created. A Minister
is charged with responsibility for a set of tasks by the Senate, carrying
out the vision and direction of the Senate. Ministers do not establish
their own vision for a department as an Arch Wizard does. Five minister
positions are defined, including Minister of Infrastructure, Minister of
Machine, Minister of Web, Minister of Treasury, and Minister of
Public Relations. Full descriptions are in “help wizrules”

- The position of unaffiliated Senator has been dropped. All members
of the Senate are either Ministers or Arch Wizards, and must remain active
to retain their voting rights and role.

- The position of Arch of Driver has been retired. Ancient Anguish has
operated for many years with this position vacant, and with little driver
development ongoing, it is deemed no longer necessary.

- The position of Arch of World and Map has been split into two positions,
Arch of World and Arch of Map.

Additionally, we are proud to announce the following Senate appointments:

- Paldin has been appointed Minister of Machine and Minister of the Web. He
has been unofficially serving in this capacity for some time, and now
formally joining the Senate (again).

- Fir has been appointed as Arch of QC. She has been an active leader in QC
and organizer of development efforts in Ancient Anguish, and will bring
new talents to the Senate.

- Bytre has been appointed Arch of Balance. He has been serving in this
capacity as a temporary Arch for over a year. Bytre will also serve in the
roles of Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of the Treasury, and
continue his acting role as Arch of Mudlib.

- Buxley has been appointed Arch of Map and Arch of World. He formerly
served as the Arch of World and Map and now oversees both departments.

The positions of the Minister of Public Relations and Arch of Mudlib have
not yet been filled.

“help wizardlist” and “help wizrules” have both been updated.

“help minister” has been added.


Bytre also announced the promotion of Mordecai to Creator. Based on
the broad array of projects he has contributed to Ancient Anguish, not to
mention all the work he has done on multiple approval committees, he has
certainly earned the admiration and respect of the community.

Interview with new arch

So one morning I (Fir) woke up 249 levels bigger (boy, that workout zapping
helpless monsters sure paid off), and had to get a new hat since I
couldn’t fit in my old one any more. As the oligarch of the press I
decided we should have a new arch interview, and promptly organized one:
Erin used my list of prepared questions (I have to ensure they are of
high quality, after all) and promised to take care of the final textual
polish and stuff so I would not need to worry about too many details.


Interview with Fir, new arch of Quality Control:

Q: What brought you to AA to torment your hard-working staff?

A: I started in high school, early 1998, at the encouragement of a local
friend, became a wizard around 2000 and have been here pretty
continuously, beyond two breaks; the latter was brought on by how hard
it is to stay alive here when you can get acutely interrupted at any
time by a little creature with high demands. I hail from a cold northern
land, which sometimes shows in my sense of humour, well-developed during
the dark months we spend indoors not talking to anyone to conserve energy.

Q: What does an arch of Quality Control (QC) pretend to do all day?

A: New addition and fix projects have three main hurdles to pass in
addition to someone finishing them to begin with: they have to fit the
storyline and preferably also be an interesting addition to it (World),
they have to fit the game ‘economy’ and not blow up the coolness
inflation by printing too much coolness money (Balance), so to say, and
they need to not be buggy or otherwise problematic in their
implementation of all this excellence. The last one is covered by QC (and
Mudlib in case of low-level projects).

So we in the QC and other teams go through projects with a magnifying
glass, and I take the credit for everything working whenever we report
to Zor. Through regular seances. Or the players, for that matter. When
stuff does not work, I blame the weather and try to cover it up.
Alternatively to fix it if someone else has time.

Q: How would you like to lull our readers into thinking that this was
not a bad idea?

A: My major aims are to not be a blockade in the way of good things,
stay sane and active, and still have fun. Being an arch is a service
task to the developer and player base on one hand and the QC team on the

One of the ‘staying sane’ items is pacing myself, which I am trying to
learn. Related to this, I would like to sincerely apologize in advance
to everyone for any expectations I fail to fulfil (or am glacially slow
with), every request that I misplace in the vast mazes of my memory
palace (my sense of direction is about as bad as my memory, reminders
are great), and for any communication disasters that are going to get
more challenging now that my hat is so big.

If you ever feel threatened or annoyed by something I say or do not say
when I should, I hope you can picture me as a puppy dog who likes
squirrels. (And wears red boots and a pink bow tie on her tail, if you
are still taking me extensively seriously.) And I mean the squirrel bit
in a not at all Chaos sacrificial bloodpath ritual kind of way.

I have an awesome team, so I am hoping they will fill in for all my

Q: Yeah, like I need to do regularly. Were you planning on starting to
pay my salary again any time soon?

A: I need to talk to the paperboy about the sales of the latest issue
first. Wait, this is not one of my prepared questions, is it?

Q: Maybe not?

A: Stick to the script, Erin, I do not want to have to improvise in my

Q: Was there still something else you would like to bore our readers with?

A: There was a time when I wrote an April First post about wizards
planning to change all food and drink based healing to be calculated
based on how healthy they are. A test reader thought I was serious so I
had to change it to something less depressing. Just in case, I would
like to warn that some of the things said in this interview may contain
a smidgeon of self-irony, so take it with a grain of salt.


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